My practice evolves through my need for a language that is my own.  I often feel stifled by patriarchal systems that dominate our culture, therefore my aim is to find my own language, one that is both rhythmical and flexible through mark making and sculpting. Throughout my practice the line has become central as the mark through which I believe it is possible to find my new language, one that ebbs and flows, one that reflects me as a non-male artist beyond my feminine being. I continue to find and develop my own language one that is more flexible and malleable than the one I have at present. My new language speaks beyond words, it enables me to reveal my chora and to examine my being through my practice whilst challenging creaking patriarchal structures.


I have the need for a voice that releases the true essence of my being both creatively and philosophically. While gleaning from the philosophical works of Deleuze and Heidegger, my personal process of making/discovery is grounded in the philosophy of contemporary thinkers such as Johnny Golding, Catherine Malabou and Claire Colebrook. Within this place/space I am free to create. Here Louise Bourgeois, Eve Hesse and Anne-Marie Schneider, among other artists, inspire and give energy and drive as I continue to search for the sensual, the rhythmic and the non-binary. Here the glitch and the eternal return are welcome while I am aware my creative tongue is best spoken without words.


Lynda Beckett has recently graduated from the MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies programme at Central Saint Martins, London, with a distinction.  She won the Daniel Ford Prize in Innovation and Technology on graduating and has recently been highly commended for the Cecil Collins Memorial Award 2018.